About Us

Education is important! Every child start with an insatiable curiosity of the world around them. It is in these formative years of curiosity and motivation that engineers and scientists and doctors are born. The curiosity, when well fed, give birth to a lifetime of exploration and learning.

Our Story

Chapter One

The idea for Perfect Package was born during the coronavirus pandemic. Back when so many schools shut down and the kids were suddenly thrust in to the world on online learning. But it all happened so fast, students, parents and teachers were for the most part ill prepared for the experience. One are where this showed up is “hands on projects”.

Working hands-on requires materials, but now instead of the teacher acquiring materials for the class, each student (and ultimately parents) were forced to take on this task. This is more difficult than you might think. In reality a high percentage of kids showed up for class ill prepared. Either things missing or purchased wrong. That is of course disappointing for all !

Enter Perfect Package Online! The original goal was to supply the exact materials required for online classes so that kids could fully participate, and to deliver all the materials on time for class. To do this, Perfect Package Online would partner with the teachers of a class, and actually stock the exact materials that the class requires according to the teacher. This “perfect package” could then be shipped promptly, usually the day of order, and thereby arrive in time for class. Nothing missing, nothing wrong, everything is “perfect”!

This was highly successful! Participating teachers often rose from 50% failure of students to have the proper materials for the first class to near 100% success! And the teacher always knew if there was a delay in shipping or stocking, so things could be handled smoothly.

Chapter Two

AS the pandemic came to an end, The number of parents who choose to keep their children at home or in private school went up dramatically. The success of this new form of education was contagious! Many parents did not want to go back to “normal”. This has led to a rising industry of online schools and classes. And therefore a new opportunity for Perfect Package Online

Deepening the relationship between teacher, supplier, and student seemed a natural next step. So now Perfect Package Online is partnering with teachers not only to supply materials, but to actually partner in matching materials to classes and teachers. Many parents today are seeking materials on their own, and end up at our website. We can now connect those parents with the teachers that offer classes or tutoring specifically designed for the materials!

For instance, If the parents wants to get a robotics kit for their child, now we can bring together the robot kit, and teacher and class that supports it! No more is the student relegated to reading a book or watching random YouTube videos! Now when you want a robotics kit (or whatever) you can choose a full experience personalized for that kit!

This is now the ultimate “Perfect Package Online” ! The full package of personalized instruction for the kit purchased closes the loop and deepens the effectiveness of the kit and the class for the student!

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