Complete Robot Kit


Complete Robotics Kit chosen by the experienced robotic teacher, Mr Salch, for over 1000 students taught so far.



This is the complete robot kit including a MicroBit for the “brain”.

This robot kit was chosen out of dozens available within this price range based on features, ruggedness, ease of assembly, and depth of teachability.  It represents a balance between all the aspects of “build it yourself and program robots”.  There are enough sensors and output to keep the student challenged and learn a broad set of fundamental robotic principles. It is easily programmed with blocks, python, or javascript.

—- This kit was specifically chosen by Teacher Mr Salch and used to teach well over 1000 children the basics of robotics.

The basic robot includes the following:

  1. distance sensor
  2. line sensor
  3. variable speed motors
  4. multi-color LEDs
  5. NeoPixels
  6. ability to control servos
  7. avoidance sensor
  8. speaker
  9. infra red remote
  10. automatic re-charging


Through the MicroBit it has these abilities:

  1. light sensor
  2. compass
  3. accelerometer
  4. temperature sensor
  5. sound sensor
  6. speaker
  7. buttons
  8. bluetooth
  9. robot to robot radio messaging
  10. magnetometer
  11. LED display

For a beginner robotic experience, there is not a better choice in robot kits.



Additional information

Weight 28.8 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5.6 × 2.5 in


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