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This is the expansion kit that upgrades the original pilot kit to the full basic kit. If you already have a pilot kit, order this one.

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Finally a kit that brings together electrical engineering and physics in an easy to use, reliable kit that is sturdy enough to last! This kit is truly unique! The perfect kit for homeschools, charter schools, even traditional classrooms to quickly and safely build projects blending the concepts of physics and electrical engineering.

Kid Proof! 
Each block is designed to be forgiving of mistakes like bad wiring, short circuits, accidental touches, etc.

Intelligent blocks!
The blocks themselves have built in intelligence that warn of common mistakes like mismatched wires, wrong polarity.

Intelligent Wiring!
Even the interconnecting wires are magnetic and designed to attract good wiring and repel bad wiring.

Easy Interconnections!
Magnetic wire ends and connectors effortlessly make a reliable connection with just touch, no springs or snaps to fiddle with.

Educator Designed!
The blocks are designed by educators and electrical engineers to provide a wide range of capabilities and projects while being easy to understand and use.

Analog and Digital!
The blocks support both analog circuits as well as digital, and the crossover between these two basic approaches.

Electrical Engineering Meets Physics!
The modules and components included allow exploring the blend of physics as well as electrical engineering in a single kit. Build projects that demonstrate both fields working together in harmony.

The LabBox kit is expandable. you can start with the pilot kit, and expand it with expansion kits to bring extra functionality when needed. Be sure to match the right kit to the class if this is accompanying an online class.

Additional information

Weight 24.6 oz
Dimensions 13.25 × 8.5 × 2.75 in
Kit Level

Pilot Kit, Full Basic Kit, Expansion Kit


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