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Robot Kits seems to be a dime a dozen online, every shape, size, and price you can imagine.  How do you choose the right one for your young robotic engineer?

Let an experienced robotics teachers guide you!

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Why is this the ultimate Robotics Kit?

Sensors are what make the robot able to sense the world around it and become autonomous.  With all these sensors, this robot can make informed decisions!

No need to get bogged down in learning a complex language, this robot can use MakeCode, a graphical language requiring no memorization! Focus on robotics, not language. Yet for the advanced engineer, you can also use JavaScript or Python!

Motors are at the heart of fun. Racing, exploring, dancing, or whatever, this motor design gives agility and just the right amount of speed and precision of movement. It even does back flips and wheelies!

A robot kit this capable can cost hundreds of dollars, but this one is priced so that it is affordable on a home-school budget. Even with a small investment, it can bring months of learning!

Plenty of fun components to control to provide music, light shows, colorful feedback, even learn to drive servos!

This robot kit has proven itself in hundreds of classes over the last few years, for literally over a thousand students!You can trust that is is a worthy investment in education.

Available Online and In Person Classes using this Robot Kit

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What Teachers Say

I have been involved in robotics since the 1970s, so when I started teaching robotics back in 2016, it was a real challenge to find a robot kit that worked well in a classroom. Most of the kits I tried were not “real” robotics, or the price was so high that parents couldn’t afford it. Finally I found this particular robot from Yahboom, and it was perfect!

As of today, I have successfully taught over 1000 young robotic engineers the basics using this exact robot kit. It is just challenging enough at a great price point, and this is a REAL robot kit, capable of autonomous decisions.

I highly recommend this kit above all others on the market for the beginner!

headshot David Salch
Online teacher of over 10,000 students across multiple schools!

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